Rapid Digitals Strategy

A digital strategy is a process, a client experience and a combination of tangible outputs. The creation of strategy happens through a blend of activities, undertaken by a cross-functional team delivered within our Agile framework.

Your digital strategy is the organisation's North Star. It ensures a clear focus is created, maintained, and that there is a point of reference against which all future decisions about digital investment can be made and -importantly - measured.

Our Manifesto on digital strategy:

Human means considering everyone involved. Good strategy comes from getting inputs from a broad set of stakeholders so that all possibilities can be considered.
Strategy is about being intentional. Creating a clear focus about the direction to take, centres on making deliberate and informed choices about both the things to do
A strategy should have a high practical value. The purpose of a strategic planning process is to articulate a direction that people can believe in, and then act on

How we do digital strategy

We believe there are a set of fundamental approaches when developing a digital strategy.
Ideas, not limitations
Focus, not fads
Inclusive, not exclusive
Measurement, not assumption

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