Understanding Content Marketing In Digital Marketing World

Understanding Content Marketing In Digital Marketing World

When it comes to Digital Marketing, content is king. This phrase has been used so many times that it has become a cliche. But the meaning it conveys remains the same – If you want to reign the digital world, you have to produce consistently awesome content!


Whether you are an eCommerce, you are in B2C, or you are in B2B – content is going to be the single, most important driving force of your business. This blog will explain how content marketing falls into the larger framework of digital marketing and why it should be given more of an inbound approach rather than mindlessly producing it in chunks.


Understanding Content Marketing – What it Is?


You are reading this blog post because you’re either starting fresh with content marketing, or you have long been producing content without gaining any substantial results.


In both cases, you must understand the true essence of content marketing. You need to understand why is it such a crucial part of your online success, what are the proven principles that must reflect in your content, and how is it going to help you go from zero to hundred.


But before all that, let us answer the very basic question of “What content is?”.


What is Content?


You probably have a website by now. If not, you will have a Facebook or Instagram page – at least!


In the simplest of terms, everything that is visible and readable on your website and your social handles is content. The text on your landing page, the headlines, the pages you have, and the blogs section that drives your website’s SEO, that is all content.


On your social handles – your cover image, your social feed posts, your social campaigns, your ad campaigns, and even the way you interact with your audience, everything is content!


So, in case you were only focusing on your visual marketing, blog post content, or social media posts, you need to reinvent your content marketing strategy.


Content is so much more than just that, you see?


Importance Of Content Marketing


Content marketing is so important that it should be considered part of your strategy and not just an afterthought.

In general, marketers typically create blogs, videos, and images for websites and social media platforms like Facebook to help increase exposure and bring in more visitors to their websites.

Suppose you have a decent website where you offer products or services. How will you get your audience to visit your website?

Of course, via email marketing, Facebook advertising, Google ads, PPC campaigns, and by employing similar digital marketing strategies. But to employ all or any of these strategies, you need content. Without these, your website will be a desolate dungeon no matter how incredibly helpful your products or services are!


Types of Content You Can Produce


Truth be told, there are over 100 types of content that fall within the realms of content marketing. 


But to make things easier for you here we have listed the 13 best content types that are being produced in chunks in the current era because of the high conversion rate and audience likeness. (Ranked from top to bottom on the basis of popularity and engagement)


  1. Blogs
  2. Videos
  3. Short articles
  4. Listicles
  5. Ebooks
  6. Infographics
  7. How-to Guides
  8. Case Studies
  9. Social media posts
  10. Whitepapers
  11. Podcasts
  12. Webinars
  13. Memes


Let’s dive deeper into the top three types of content.

The Top 3 Types of Content in the Marketing World

  • Blogs

Articles and Blogs are the number 1 type of content that is being produced and consumed massively.


When you post blogs on your website and share articles as guest posts to get internal links, you are directly helping the SEO juices flow. Google’s search engine optimization metrics allot you a Website Ranking Score on the basis of the quality of the content you produce, how it helps the readers, and how your blogs perform in terms of retaining the users on your website.


In case you are looking for an optimal frequency of posting blogs on your website, here’s a definitive answer: Blogging up to four times per week is considered a good medium frequency for starting blogs.


  •  Video Content aka Visual Marketing


Visual marketing, especially video marketing, has become an essential part of any content marketing strategy. Here are some reasons why:

  1. High engagement rates: Video content has high engagement rates compared to other forms of content. According to Popupsmar, video-watching rates are high, and video content marketing is a new marketing strategy that adopts the principle of producing and sharing relevant and consistent video content with your targeted group to acquire interesting, fascinating, and qualified leads.
  1. Better explanation of products: Video content is a useful tool when it comes to helping potential buyers learn about a product. In fact, videos are a great way to explain your product.
  1. Easily accessible: Video content marketing is when brands produce video content to raise their profile online. Video is usually published on either YouTube or a social network, although it can also come in the form of webinars, courses, live videos, or self-hosted videos.
  1. High conversion rates: Video marketing is an effective way to educate, generate leads, and convert customers. According to HubSpot, there’s no strategy like video marketing for educating, generating leads, and converting customers.
  1. Increasingly popular: Video marketing is becoming increasingly important, and 86% of businesses are using it in their marketing plans.


  • Social Media Posts


What better way than social media posts to remain connected with your audience and keep them informed and entertained?


Social media marketing is becoming increasingly popular ever since Gen-Z has started producing content that is fun, entertaining, and at times, informational.


An average internet user is spending at least 2 hours and 24 minutes daily scrolling through their social media. What’s even more astonishing is the fact that this time is only increasing!


This gives businesses a huge room to produce content that is attention-grabbing, entertaining, and can reflect their personal branding. So, the next time you produce content for your social media feed, try to be creative and come up with something that is both attention-grabbing and valuable for the audience demographics you are targeting.


Need Help With Content Marketing?


Content marketing is a vast field. Whether you’re just beginning or if you’re an old fish, trends are always changing and you’ll often need to reinvent your content marketing strategies. This is why we, at Rapid Digitals, offer content marketing services so you can unload your content burden onto us and focus on more important, business-related tasks. 


Good luck producing great content!

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