Web Designing Hots and Nots for Modern Websites

Web Designing – Hots and Nots for Modern Websites

Whether you’re a web designer or a DIY solopreneur, you know that keeping up with modern trends is crucial to deliver a lasting impression. What used to be known as cutting-edge 2-3 years back is now obsolete. Apart from some fundamentals that will remain the same throughout the wheel of time, web designing now has dynamic trends that you need to keep up with if you want to portray yourself as a modern brand.

By 2040, 95% of retail business in America will be online. This means you need to keep renovating your online shop – and what better way to keep up with trends than knowing the hots and nots of modern websites?

The Hots and Nots of Modern Website Designing

While looking for modern website design ideas, it’s crucial you know which aspects to steer clear of. After all, not everything modern is tested and proven to work wonders. So before we head towards the modern trends in web designing, let’s have a look at all the “Nots” of modern websites:

The Nots of Modern Web Design

Your web designer, or if you are one yourself – may lack the knowledge of SEO copywriting, psychology marketing, and similar aspects that fuel the conversion engines of your website. 

This is why, you must know the nots of modern web design so you may not ruin your online presence while chasing a modern design.

  • Clichéd Design Components

Want to see if a website has been updated in terms of design recently? Just check out the hero section of the website. You will see an image slider or carousel, speaking of the website’s obsolete design.

Similarly, elements like full-width background images, rising sun background, or sun rays, sans serif as the text, and hamburger-style menus are all reflective of the cliched design components.

Here’s a full list of overused design elements that you may want to avoid. 

  • Non-Compliance With Web Standards

Keeping a macro view of the design of your website may blur the essential web standards that you need to maintain religiously.

You need to understand the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for your own country if you want to really nail down the design process with the correct strategies. While some may it is not essential for the design process, it’s an important factor if you want to grow your business beyond bounds.

  • Poor Coding Practices

Design is an art while development is a skill. Since web designing is a cocktail of art and skill, you need to maintain a balance between the design and development parts of your website.

This said, you must have proper HTML tags. CSS styles, and JavaScript functions for your website to be standards-compliant and user-friendly.

  • Non-Responsive Design

With the increasing use of mobile devices, you need a website design that fits all types of screen sizes without a cut, clutter, or delay.

However, this does not mean you have to drop your amazing idea of a website design only because it won’t comply with mobile screens. You always have the option to modify the design for different screens – so make sure you dig down the path really deep for the best results.

Modern Trends in Web Designing

Now that you know which aspects of designing to steer clear of, you can delve into the world of modern trends in web designing without the fear of doing it wrong.

Here are the latest trends in web designing that are captivating users all the way with dynamic designs.

  • Use Engaging Scrolling

If you’re a tech, software, or architecture company, you can captivate our audience by showcasing your tech and design skills using engaging scrolling. Here’s an example of how you can use scrolling effects to boost interactive user experience.

  • Minimalist and Clean Layout

Gone are the days of ‘More is More’.  “White Space” has its own charm in modern website designing, because people these days are inclined towards minimalism. Now, less is more!

If you want to captivate your audience, make sure your website has minimum text, breathable white space for all the content, and a clean, minimalist design to reflect your command over modern design.

  • Background Videos

A few years back, background videos on a website would largely increase the load speed and affect the overall conversion rate in a negative way. That’s because the internet speed and accessibility weren’t as great pre-Covid as they are now.

To create an immersive experience for your website visitors, try adding some background videos that are attention-grabbing and provide valuable information so the user may not need to read through everything.

In the words of Ann Handley, “Show, don’t tell”. In the words of Antov Cheekov – “Don’t tell me that the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on a broken glass”.

  • Mobile-Friendly Layout

The point has been discussed in the “nots” section as well. The reason for repeating it here is to stress further the fact that although website designing for desktop allows huge creative room, you must focus on designing a website with a mobile-friendly layout as well.

As per research, 80% of the content is consumed on a mobile screen. Be it a landing page or your website homepage, chances are that the audience landing at your page is coming from the phone. This is why you must go a step further into designing a mobile-friendly layout when you’re considering modernizing your website.

However, despite the plain differences discussed between the to-dos and to-avoids, you must not let your creativity get hindered – nor should you allow the overuse of similar concepts to affect your conversion rate. For example, the hamburger-style menu is known to increase the conversion rate of your website, so you may adopt it despite the style having been used a lot by others.

How About We Help Design Your Website?

If you’re looking to recreate the website or build one from scratch, you’ll not only need a website designer, developer, and graphics expert, but you’ll also need to find an SEO Copywriter to keep up your online visibility.

At Rapid Digitals, we pride ourselves on our modern website designing services and can deliver fast, responsive, and modern website designs in a stipulated amount of time. Feel free to contact us anytime. 

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